Scholarships are awarded on the basis of merit and the number of scholarships awarded each year varies for each school.Beth+Rivkah+Ladies+College+Year+7+music+2011

Scholarships are normally open to applicants at particular stages of their schooling, regardless of their background. Selection criteria also vary according to the scholarship and can include:

  • an examination for an academic scholarship
  • an audition for a music scholarship
  • a folio or a project for a scholarship for art or science
  • evidence of sporting ability

Schools will also usually interview scholarship candidates as part of the selection procedure, and take into consideration students’ primary school reports, testimonials and samples of work for a general excellence scholarship.

Scholarships are also offered to children who might not otherwise be able to attend Independent schools. A scholarship may be offered for a full or part reduction of tuition fees, for either the duration of the student’s schooling or for a certain number of years.

Parents seeking information about scholarships offered by Independent Schools Victoria Member Schools can visit our Member School Details, and search by scholarship. For further details, contact individual schools directly.