Geelong College has been recognised with the prestigious Emeritus Professor Collette Tayler Excellence in Educational Leadership Award.

The award is presented to an early childhood service that has supported its educators and teachers to use intentional teaching practices to achieve improved outcomes for children and their families.

The school took part in the Reggio Emilia ‘Thinker in Residence’ program run by Independent Schools Victoria, also exhibiting at our Arts Learning Festival in May.

The awards’ citation said:

Geelong College is committed to the highest quality early learning for children from early childhood education through to Year 3.

In 2019, teachers and educators from the early learning Centre and the Junior school have been undertaking a professional learning project together. Learning projects have included audits of technology use across the Junior School, an audio-visual representation of the ‘Hundred Languages’ using children’s many expressive arts and sharing numeracy experiences and teaching strategies.

The project has drawn an enthusiastic response and has allowed early childhood educators, early childhood teachers and primary teachers to work together and improve their understanding of each other’s learning environments.

Find out more in this video:


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Posted by Independent Schools Victoria