By Abigail Wettenhall, Year 7, Mansfield Steiner School

The Venilale ride is an event held every year to fundraise for our sister school in Timor Leste.

It is a 26km return bike ride to Maindample from the Mansfield info centre on the rail trail.

This year it was held on 29 April.

It was a perfect day for the 50 people who came for the ride, proving good fun for all ages.

Everyone goes at their own pace, and we had toddlers, students, teachers and parents all on their bikes giving it a go.

I was riding with a girl who had only learnt to ride a bike with two wheels around Christmas and she did great.

It was nice to see that even people who weren’t from our school attended.

When we arrived in Maindample, the teachers and parents served up some delicious lunches for the hungry riders.

There were also some extra cakes that were donated by parents.

Some of the boys up the front raced each other and all the other students were just chilling, going at their own pace, the parents who were lagging behind a bit, either because they were dragging a child in a carriage or because they had a toddler tagging along on a balance bike, were chatting away having a great but tiring and slow time.

There were some teachers at the back, making sure no one was too far behind.

Students and parents from Mansfield Steiner

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