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Hand holdings remote pointing at TV

13 Reasons Why – What Every Parent Needs to Know

eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant offers important advice and resources for parents as the second series of 13 Reasons Why screens in Australia.

Girl Watching on her iPad

Kids and Screen Time: Why Parents Should ‘Drop the Guilt’

A new book urges parents to 'embrace the good' that screens can offer. We speak to the author Anya Kamenetz.

Mother high-fiving daughter

Ten Resolutions: How to Become a More Grateful Parent

Leading psychologist and New York Times bestselling author Madeline Levine suggests some essential parenting principles.

Two girls looking at mobile phones

Bullying: It’s No Longer Left at the School Gate

The first step in creating a world without bullying is to lead by example, writes Independent Schools Victoria Chief Executive Michelle Green.

Girl Watching on her iPad

Taming Technology: Regaining Control for You and Your Family

Expert Jill Sweatman is presenting a twilight seminar at Independent Schools Victoria for parents, carers and educators on enhancing lifelong learning for children. Here...

/ 25 January 2018
Teacher points to child with hand up in classroom

Teachers Deserve a Break, and Not Just at Summer Time

Society might want to consider the increasing responsibilities and expectations that are being imposed on teachers, writes Michelle Green, Chief Executive of Independent Schools...

/ 12 December 2017

A Reluctant Response to an Unseemly Assault

Michelle Green, Chief Executive of Independent Schools Victoria, responds to the attack on Independent schools by the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria.

/ 17 November 2017
Abstract Woman's Face

Fighting the ‘Don’t You Look Pretty’ Syndrome

The New Puberty, by Amanda Dunn, explores how children are going through puberty earlier than ever before. In this extract, she looks at how...

/ 11 August 2017
student artwork of three worlds

Student Creativity Proves the Power of the Arts in Education

Our Annual Student Art Exhibition returns with more than 100 art works from students in 14 Member Schools. There's s no better proof of...