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How Parent Shaming Undermines Us | Image of girl waving goodby to her mum

How Parent Shaming Undermines Us

The recent trend of criticising helicopter parents is the latest in a long history of undermining parents, writes Frank Furedi.

/ 21 September 2018
My Little Human | Image of small child running

My Tiny Human: Mum’s Guilt

With an almost two-year-old and a return to part-time work, Natalie Moutafis is getting acquainted with mother's guilt. Read her first My Tiny Human...

/ 7 September 2018
Girl Watching on her iPad

Protecting Children Online: A Community Responsibility

Parents are at the frontline of keeping children safe online, but all of us have a role in protecting children from harm, writes eSafety...

/ 7 September 2018
Chief Scientist: Why we must Teach Students Subject Content, image of raised hands against a blackboard

Chief Scientist: What Our Children Need to Know

Australia's Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel makes the case for teaching children subject content - concepts, facts and principles - and not just generic...

Australian Parliament House

Good Policy, not Base Politics, should Decide School Funding

A proposed new funding model leaves unanswered crucial questions about the impact on individual schools, writes Michelle Green, Chief Executive of Independent Schools Victoria.

Hand holdings remote pointing at TV

13 Reasons Why – What Every Parent Needs to Know

eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant offers important advice and resources for parents as the second series of 13 Reasons Why screens in Australia.

Girl Watching on her iPad

Kids and Screen Time: Why Parents Should ‘Drop the Guilt’

A new book urges parents to 'embrace the good' that screens can offer. We speak to the author Anya Kamenetz.

Mother high-fiving daughter

Ten Resolutions: How to Become a More Grateful Parent

Leading psychologist and New York Times bestselling author Madeline Levine suggests some essential parenting principles.

Two girls looking at mobile phones

Bullying: It’s No Longer Left at the School Gate

The first step in creating a world without bullying is to lead by example, writes Independent Schools Victoria Chief Executive Michelle Green.