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The PISA Blame Game

Instead of rushing in with quick fixes to declining school results, it’s time to engage teachers in the policy debate, writes Karen Spiller, National...

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Arts Learning Festival Opens the Door to Unlimited Imagination

Independent Schools Victoria Chief Executive Michelle Green explains how we are taking our support for the arts to the next level with the Arts...

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Explainer: What is Phonics?

The Australian Government is pushing ahead with plans for assessments of Year 1 students, including a phonics check. So what is phonics and why...

/ 3 February 2017
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New Year, New Schools, New Opportunities

New Independent schools opening this year offer fresh opportunities for disadvantaged and other students who risk falling through the cracks in the education system,...

/ 3 February 2017
Newspaper article by Michelle Green

Independent Schools Victoria Dispels School Funding Myths

By Michelle Green, Chief Executive, Independent Schools Victoria This article appeared on the opinion pages of The Age on Thursday 13 October 2016. There’s a Melbourne...

/ 13 October 2016

The Education Funding Debate

Funding for schools has been a hot topic this week, after the Australian Minister for Education Minister Simon Birmingham said that some 'wealthier private...

/ 29 September 2016
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Online Abusive Behaviour against Girls Requires Community Response

Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) Chief Executive, Michelle Green, says that a predatory internet site exposes the need for a community-wide response to abusive attitudes...

/ 17 August 2016
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The Meaning of Courage

The Parents’ Website aims to share the best from Independent school communities. Here, Philip Grutzner, Principal of Carey Baptist Grammar School, writes about courage...

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Families make a Difference to Educational Outcomes

When families are involved in their children's school life, everyone benefits.