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The Parents' Website | Image of boy with cardboard plane wings

Thinking about the Write Stuff

Michael Broadstock is using the Feuerstein approach to thinking and learning with his children. A model airplane building session with his son was an...

The Parents' Website | Close-up image of students taking exams

Testing Times: Are we Making Kids Afraid of Exams?

We may be teaching children to be afraid of exams, rather than encouraging them to see exams as a positive challenge, writes Mandie Shean.

Supporting our Principals

Supporting our Principals

There's growing pressure on school principals. Michelle Green, Chief Executive of Independent Schools Victoria, outlines what we're doing to support our school leaders.

The Parents' Website | Image of a group of boys looking off into the distance

It’s Time to Rethink how we Define Adolescence

University of Melbourne's Professor Susan Sawyer explains the work that's being done to improve our understanding of an age group that has undergone dramatic...

The Man Cave: the making of Better Men

Learning How to Learn: it Starts with Knowing Yourself

Michael Noonan talks about the research Independent Schools Victoria is conducting into metacognition and learning, and how a program such as this would have...

/ 22 February 2019
My Little Human | Image of small child running

My Tiny Human: Toilet Talk

The time had come for the Tiny Human to be toilet trained, writes Natalie Moutafis. Her number one tip? Do not attempt when pregnant.

/ 22 February 2019
My Little Human | Image of small child running

My Tiny Toddler: A Letter to you on your Birthday

Natalie Moutafis' toddler has just turned two. She wrote a letter to him on his birthday.

/ 25 January 2019
Girl hugging mother

How to Help Children Deal with Stress and Anxiety

Clinical psychologist Faye Evans offers some practical advice for parents in helping their child deal with stressful situations.

/ 7 December 2018
My Little Human | Image of small child running

My Tiny Human: Five Things my Toddler has Taught Me

As her toddler approaches his second birthday, our parenting blogger Natalie Moutafis reflects on what has changed, and what her son has taught her.

/ 23 November 2018