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hands of woman protected drawn images of two children

New Child Safe Standards for All Schools

The 2013 Betrayal of Trust report by a Victorian Parliamentary committee is regarded as a landmark moment, shining a light on the criminal abuse...

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Best of the Web

A selection of thought-provoking and useful articles from around the web on educating and raising children.

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‘We kept on going because our children needed us’

The story of how a school came back after the Black Saturday fires.

Students at desks using tablets

Not Just about Screen Time. Why a Healthy Digital Diet Matters

A new approach to screen use by children is all about the quality of what they consume, not just screen time.

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Independent School Leaders recognised in Queen’s Birthday Awards

Two former principals and a serving principal from the Independent education sector have been recognised in the Queen’s Birthday 2016 Honours List. Mr Geoffrey...

Photo of 1978 example of cursive writing from State Library of Victoria

The Future of Handwriting: The Case for why it Matters

Finland will only teach handwriting in the first year of school. What should happen here?

Parent talking to concerned teenager

Too much Love: When Good Parenting becomes Overparenting

Dr Judith Locke explains why parents can do too much for their child.

Alchoholic drinks bottles

Underage Drinking: Parents Supplying Less but Bottle Shops a Problem

Fewer parents are supplying alcohol to their underage teenagers, according to the findings of a new study. A recently published research paper by the...

Student Volunteers: A Story Worth Telling and Celebrating

By Michelle Green, Chief Executive, Independent Schools Victoria Late night TV current affairs programs are usually devoted to serious, weighty and sometimes depressing topics...