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Boy on seesaw with moon I Student Poetry Competition I The Parents' Website

Our Student Poetry Competition – ideas to inspire young poets

With time at home, we think it's the perfect moment for young poets to enter our Student Poetry Competition, an event of our Arts...

Our super list of great ideas for kids at home

We've put together a super list of resources to keep kids of all ages (including big kids) engaged and entertained while they are at...

Mother comforting daughter: Andrew Fuller: Supporting young people during phase one of the coronavirus

Andrew Fuller: Talking to young people about the coronavirus

Many young people will be feeling bewilderment and fear as the coronavirus spreads. Leading psychologist Andrew Fuller offers ideas for parents and adults to...

The Parents' Website - Reigniitng you Teenager's Motivation| Image of boy imagining a rocket

How students can use time at home to surge ahead academically

Time away from school presents big challenges for senior students. Leading psychologist Andrew Fuller offers an action plan for students to not only survive,...

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Little girl painiting at home I The Parents' Website

At home with the little ones? Great ideas to keep the learning routine going – and have fun

The most important thing is to keep your child’s routine as close to the daily routine offered within their early learning service, writes Helen...

Online safety kit for parents and carers during the coronavirus, from the eSafety Commissioner

The internet means that if you and your family have to stay home, it's easier than ever to stay connected. But it's important for...

Supporting your child I The Parents' Website

Coronavirus: A guide for parents to support their children

Leading adolescent and child psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg provides great advice for parents on how to help their child's anxiety about the spread of the...

The Parents' Website | Image of children

My Tiny Humans: Finding inspiration, by the book

Before her Tiny Humans arrived, Natalie Moutafis would devour a novel a week. Now she reads to help her as a parent.