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Fiji Book Drive Making a Difference

Fiona Luth reports on the moving impact of her special cause.

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The Future of Handwriting: What We Think

Last year, we reported on a survey that was asking parents and teachers whether handwriting mattered. The results are in.

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Stay Calm and Carry On. How Parents can Help VCE students

Andrew Fuller's tips for parents supporting their VCE student has been one of our most popular posts. Here we republish the article.

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Best of the Web

Busting myths about children and sport, life-changing phrases for children, and how young people are navigating news – our selection of thought-provoking and useful...

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The Parents’ Website of Independent Schools Victoria aims to provide relevant, up-to-date information for the parents of the more than 132,000 students in over...

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How to Choose a School

Some suggestions and resources to help in the selection of the right school for your child.

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Arts Learning Festival Opens the Door to Unlimited Imagination

Independent Schools Victoria Chief Executive Michelle Green explains how we are taking our support for the arts to the next level with the Arts...

It Takes Two to Write and Laugh

Sister authors Lisa Gibbs and Bernadette Hellard talk about how they collaborate on their popular Netball Gems books , and bringing up children.

Blue and white artwork showing hundreds of items pouring out of top of screen

Best of the Web

A moving story of a student who didn't forget a caring teacher, why parents should volunteer, and advice on parenting an adolescent - our...