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Why our Girls are Under so Much Pressure - girl with head in hands sitting on grey steps

Why our Girls are Under So Much Pressure – and How We Can Help

Clinical psychologist Dr Lisa Damour says there is a great deal parents can do to help their daughters navigate life's rough waters. We talk...

The Parents' Website | Image of a boy writing on a blackboard

How to Build Healthy Motivation in Your Child

New work from researchers at Harvard University looks at how we can help children develop the right kind of motivation.

The Parents' Website | Image of a group of middle years students

Why the Middle Years Matter

The middle years of childhood were once considered ages where not much was happening, writes the University of Melbourne's Dr Lisa Mundy. Now, it's...

The Parents' Website | Image of a girl and her friends eating fruit

How Good Nutrition can Boost the Mood of Kids and Teens

Leading adolescent and child psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg has co-authored a new book on mood-boosting snacks for kids and teenagers.

The Man Cave: the Making of Better Men - The Parents' Website | Image of a Man Cave session

The Man Cave: the Making of Better Young Men

The support of the Royal family has gained an international profile for Melbourne's The Man Cave and its mission to help boys and young...

/ 22 February 2019
Flowers growing out of cracked earth

Lessons in Resilience: Teaching your Child How to Cope

Resilience isn't predetermined, and we can teach our children coping skills, writes the University of Melbourne's Professor Erica Frydenberg.

/ 6 February 2019

Want to be a Doctor? This is What it Takes

Dr Ranjana Srivastava's new book is an insider's account of a life in medicine. It's a must-read for students who want to be a...

/ 25 January 2019
Boy looking at painting - Art Smarts: Tips for Connecting Kids to the World of Art

Art Smarts Part 2: Helping Kids Engage with Art

What's the best way parents interact with their children when viewing art? In the second and final article in her series, Diane Bourke says...

/ 7 December 2018
The Power of Routine | Image of mother reading a bedtime story to her young daughter

The Power of Routine: How to End the End-of-Day Frenzy

A predictable structure can help families gain quality time and reduce the end-of-day frenzy, writes Heather Miller.

/ 23 November 2018