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Adult and child reading book

Read It Out Loud

Why both children and adults can benefit from reading out loud.

/ 14 October 2016
Nicole Fitzsimons

Keeping Safe

Kate Fitzsimons lost her sister Nicole, pictured, in a motorbike accident in Thailand. Now she gives a powerful message to senior students: keep safe...

/ 29 September 2016
Photo of child's leg hopping on hopscotch grid

Learning on your Feet

How 'active education' is producing healthier students - and bringing families together.

/ 16 September 2016
Photo of author Grace Halphen

Letter to My Teenage Self

Prominent Australians have contributed to an inspiring book by 15-year-old Grace Halphen from Wesley College.

/ 29 August 2016
Empty classroom with desks and blackboard.

Getting School Refusers Back to School

A ground-breaking intervention program is working with families and schools to get children learning again.

/ 19 August 2016
Young person's desk with computer

Pornography: the Discussion Parents Need to have with their Children

Open, honest conversations with young people are the key to dealing with an emerging public health crisis, says expert Hugh Martin.

/ 15 August 2016
Groups of students from Carey

The Meaning of Courage

The Parents’ Website aims to share the best from Independent school communities. Here, Philip Grutzner, Principal of Carey Baptist Grammar School, writes about courage...

Girl with school backpack leaning against lockers covering face for post on perfectionism

How Perfectionism Hurts Girls

There's growing awareness of the dangers posed by perfectionist thinking.

Students standing in front of bushes

‘We kept on going because our children needed us’

The story of how a school came back after the Black Saturday fires.