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Mother and angry child - Why doing deals with kids is a bad idea

Michael Grose: Why doing deals with kids is a bad idea – and five better approaches you can take

Doing deals with kids to get their cooperation should be a strategy of last resort, writes leading parenting expert Michael Grose. He offers better...

/ 28 February 2020
Retro art of man standing under rain cloud. Andrew Fuller: How to get through a bad day I The Parents Website

Andrew Fuller: How to get through a bad day

We all have days when nothing goes right. Leading psychologist Andrew Fuller offers tips on getting through them, part of an occasional series on...

/ 5 February 2020
Encouraging father with teenager son:VCE parents: How to be your child's cheerleader

VCE parents: How to be your child’s cheerleader, and more tips

Is your teen embarking on the VCE? An update of the book Surviving Year 12 by Michael Carr-Gregg and Elly Robinson is full of...

/ 30 January 2020
Evacuees from Mallacoota, Victoria disembark HMAS Choules at Western Port. Australian Defence Force supplied image © Commonwealth of Australia

Helping people deal with traumatic events

University of Melbourne's Professor Meaghan O'Donnell provides some useful, research-backed advice to support family and friends who have been through life-threatening and distressing events.

/ 13 January 2020
Talking to kids about bushfires I The Parents Websitet

Talking with kids about the bushfire emergency

How do we talk with our children about the bushfire emergency? Caroline Ellen offers some useful advice about how to approach this difficult conversation....

/ 6 January 2020
The Parents' Website | Image of The Tiny Star front cover

Mem Fox on the cycle of life

The inspiration for Mem Fox's new book was the realisation that one day her grandson would lose his grandparents. In this interview with The...

/ 18 December 2019

How to choose a tertiary course – for the right reasons

After the hard slog of VCE, it's time to choose a course. Careers expert Helen Green gives advice on how to make the right...

/ 6 December 2019
The Parents' Website | Image of a girl travelling in Germany

Should I take a gap year? Here’s what to consider

After 12 years of study, a gap year can be just what many students need. Careers expert Helen Green discusses the things you need...

/ 22 November 2019
The Parents' Website | Image of two teenage girls drinking

Andrew Fuller: 10 reasons why your teen shouldn’t drink

Leading clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller makes the case why parents should take a clear and strong stand against their teenager drinking - and gives...

/ 8 November 2019