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Why parents and teachers need to work as partners

There's widening gulf between parents, teachers and the school system, write Kelly-Ann Allen and Sally Kenny, and an urgent need to repair the relationship.

/ 10 October 2019
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Andrew Fuller: How to Survive and Thrive in Tests and Exams

Leading clinical psychologist Andrew Fuller provides strategies for students to cope with anxiety and perform at their best, in this repost of one of...

/ 6 October 2019
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What Subjects to Choose in Years 11 and 12? Here’s the Advice of Australia’s Chief Scientist

A Year 10 student was worried about what subjects to choose for her final two years of school, so she asked Australia's Chief Scientist...

/ 6 September 2019
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Want your Kids to Reach their Goals? Motivate them to Practice Hard Things

New research shows that by teaching our children to practice the right way, they can reach their goals, and become reliable and dependable. By...

/ 23 August 2019
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Andrew Fuller: Reigniting your Teenager’s Motivation

Is your teenager in a winter slump? Study routines ditched? Leading clinical psychologist and author Andrew Fuller offers some practical advice on firing up...

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The Magic of Myths

A detour on the way to a city burger restaurant led to Diane Bourke's grandsons enthusiastically discovering Greek mythology - action-packed stories with real-life...

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Brewing up New Horizons: the Benefits of Short Courses for Teenagers

From finding a new hobby to discovering a job, careers expert Helen Green explains the many benefits of teenagers embarking on short courses.

A Guide to Making the Most of Uni Open Days

How to Get the Most Out of Uni Open Days

The university Open Day season is about to begin. Careers expert Helen Green gives practical tips and advice for you and your teenager to...

Making Better Dads: Dads' Groups Bring fathers and their Kids together

Making Better Dads

The Fathering Project is helping to equip fathers become the best dads they can be. Read how a simple idea of Dads' Groups based...