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Lots of candy covered round sweets, in green, blue, red, brown and yellow

Curly Questions for Kids: Should we Ban Lollies?

This and other ethical questions are explored in Short & Curly, the innovative and fun ABC podcast for children and families. Producer Kyla Slaven...

/ 23 February 2018
Smiling woman, girl and man wearing over-sized grey track pants

Dack Up for Tracky Dack Day

We're spreading the word about Tracky Dack Day, a fun fundraiser for schools to help sick kids and their families.

/ 22 February 2018
VCE student studying in library

Stay Calm and Carry On. How Parents can Help VCE students

Andrew Fuller's tips for parents supporting their VCE student has been one of our most popular posts. Here we republish the article.

/ 20 February 2018
Eddie Woo standing up at ceremony to receive his Australia Day award

Maths Hero: the Sensational Eddie Woo

Australia's 2018 Local Hero Eddie Woo takes his classroom to the masses through the internet. Read his inspirational story.

/ 6 February 2018
Young boy with blue back pack walking to school

Why Parents and Teachers Need to Be Brave

In an era of helicopter parents, we need to allow children the freedom to look after themselves, writes Timothy Berryman.

/ 6 February 2018
Front covers of Big Bash League books

Winning the Reading Game

Educator Michael Panckridge started writing sports-themed books to help reluctant young readers. That was 40 books ago. Read his story - and his five...

/ 25 January 2018
Girl with phone outside

Why Apple Should Make the iPhone Kid-Friendly

Apple should listen to calls from stakeholders to protect children who use their smartphones, writes Jean Twenge.

/ 11 January 2018
Teacher points to child with hand up in classroom

Teachers Deserve a Break, and Not Just at Summer Time

Society might want to consider the increasing responsibilities and expectations that are being imposed on teachers, writes Michelle Green, Chief Executive of Independent Schools...

/ 12 December 2017
Artwork of colourful tree

In Case You Missed It: Some of Our Best from 2017

In 2017, we covered everything from making children resilient to taking the tension out of homework. Here's a selection.

/ 11 December 2017