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Group of young people jumping around outside

From Can’t Do to Can Do

Andrew Fuller provides some great tips for parents to help their children develop a positive approach to life.

/ 6 October 2017
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Mind the Gap: the Benefits of a Break After Year 12

Helen Green explores the benefits of taking time away from study after the stresses of Year 12.

/ 22 September 2017
Two girls dancing

Making Girls Strong and Free

Steve Biddulph, author of the best-selling Raising Boys, has taken up the fight for the mental health of girls.

/ 8 September 2017
A happy Crinkling News reader. Photo Crinkling News

Kids Read All About It

Mainstream print media may be dying, but a newspaper aimed at Australian children is building a loyal readership.

/ 25 August 2017
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Fighting the ‘Don’t You Look Pretty’ Syndrome

The New Puberty, by Amanda Dunn, explores how children are going through puberty earlier than ever before. In this extract, she looks at how...

/ 11 August 2017
Boy reading

9 Reasons Why Boys Need to Read

The statistics show boys aren't reading enough, but Brighton Grammar School's Paul Stewart isn't giving up. He offers some practical tips to engage boys...

Girls sitting on the floor looking at mobile phones


The struggle by parents to control their children's screen time is tackled in Screenagers, a documentary that's getting worldwide attention, now showing in Australia.

ther and son doing homework in the kitchen

Parents and Homework: Tips for Homework Harmony

Does tension build when you 'help' your child with homework? Lawrence J. Cohen suggests a better way.

Person sitting in an alley

‘Your teen is likely to lie to you’

Drug education expert Paul Dillon will present a free seminar for Independent school parents next month on teens and alcohol. Here he confronts the...