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Textbooks and maths on a blackboard

My Maths Anxiety

She struggled with maths as a child. It made her a better teacher.

/ 17 February 2017
Artwork of colourful tree

Why Parenting is a Terrible Invention

A new book is shaking up thinking about what it is to be a parent.

/ 3 February 2017
Hands holding game controller

Game Over: Young Lives Ruined by Online Gaming

Desperate families are struggling to cope with the emerging problem of online gaming, says child psychiatrist Philip Tam.

/ 20 January 2017
Stack of books

Required Reading: the Books That Students Read in 28 Countries Around the World

TED has compiled this fascinating list. The Australian book is close to home.

/ 20 January 2017
Girl on summit

Conquering the Fear of Failure

Parents have a vital role in encouraging their children to have a go and not to be afraid of failure, says Dr Heather Schnagl,...

/ 5 December 2016
Young students walking

Welcome to Secondary School: A Guide To Surviving and Thriving

Is your child starting secondary school? Andrew Fuller has some great advice for them on how to make the most of the next step...

/ 25 November 2016
Boy working out maths problem at blackboard

Solving The Problem: Making Maths Cool

Can parents turn their children off studying maths? A new campaign is attempting to change the negative narrative.

/ 11 November 2016
Kids lying on grass exercising

It’s Only Natural

Author Richard Louv, who coined the term nature-deficit disorder, talks to The Parents' Website about why families benefit from a nature-rich life.

/ 28 October 2016
Adult and child reading book

Read It Out Loud

Why both children and adults can benefit from reading out loud.

/ 14 October 2016