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Carton of surprised girls against red background holding pink smartphone

ATAR Surprises: What Should You Do?

What happens if an ATAR is less or more than expected? Careers expert Helen Green - and mother of a VCE student - offers...

/ 7 December 2018
The Power of Routine | Image of mother reading a bedtime story to her young daughter

The Power of Routine: How to End the End-of-Day Frenzy

A predictable structure can help families gain quality time and reduce the end-of-day frenzy, writes Heather Miller.

/ 23 November 2018
Boy looking at painting - Art Smarts: Tips for Connecting Kids to the World of Art

Art Smarts: Tips for Connecting Kids to the World of Art

Having conquered the National Gallery of Victoria, Diane Bourke recently took her grandsons to Mona in Tasmania. In this first of a two-part series,...

/ 9 November 2018
Empty classroom with desks and blackboard.

Class Placements: The Case Against Allowing Children to Choose their Class

At this time of year, class lists can be a hot topic and many parents might be doing everything they can to enable their...

/ 26 October 2018

Andrew Fuller: How to Deal with Exam Stress and Anxiety

As we head into end-of-year exams, Andrew Fuller offers some practical advice on how to deal with stress and anxiety.

/ 12 October 2018
Top Tips for Learner Drivers and their Parents | Boy learning how to drive

Top Tips for Learner Drivers and their Parents

Teaching your teenager to drive can be a nerve-wracking experience for all involved. We asked the experts at the RACV for their best advice.

/ 21 September 2018
How to Raise a Thriving Child - girl with pinwheel

How to Raise a Thriving Child

Parents want the best for their children, but are we over-managing their lives? A new book just published in Australia argues that we need...

/ 7 September 2018
Why is six scared of seven? | image of boy laugning

Why is Six Scared of Seven?

The answer to this riddle - along with other riddles - can help develop comprehension in children, writes Diane Bourke.

/ 24 August 2018
Surviving teenagers: a guide for parents. Image of a girl sitting on the beach

Surviving Teenagers: A Parent’s Guide

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg's book Surviving Adolescents has just been updated, with adolescent health expert Elly Robinson. We speak to her about the challenges teenagers...

/ 10 August 2018