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Photo of stressed student with books

Stay Calm and Carry On. How Parents can Help VCE students

Andrew Fuller's tips for parents supporting their VCE student has been one of our most popular posts. Here we republish the article.

Young student with backpack

How to Choose a School

Some suggestions and resources to help in the selection of the right school for your child.

Textbooks and maths on a blackboard

My Maths Anxiety

She struggled with maths as a child. It made her a better teacher.

/ 17 February 2017
Artwork of colourful tree

Why Parenting is a Terrible Invention

A new book is shaking up thinking about what it is to be a parent.

/ 3 February 2017
Hands holding game controller

Game Over: Young Lives Ruined by Online Gaming

Desperate families are struggling to cope with the emerging problem of online gaming, says child psychiatrist Philip Tam.

/ 20 January 2017
Stack of books

Required Reading: the Books That Students Read in 28 Countries Around the World

TED has compiled this fascinating list. The Australian book is close to home.

/ 20 January 2017
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Conquering the Fear of Failure

Parents have a vital role in encouraging their children to have a go and not to be afraid of failure, says Dr Heather Schnagl,...

/ 5 December 2016
Young students walking

Welcome to Secondary School: A Guide To Surviving and Thriving

Is your child starting secondary school? Andrew Fuller has some great advice for them on how to make the most of the next step...

/ 25 November 2016
Boy working out maths problem at blackboard

Solving The Problem: Making Maths Cool

Can parents turn their children off studying maths? A new campaign is attempting to change the negative narrative.

/ 11 November 2016