What You Can Do

Parents can support the Victorian Independent education sector by:

  • promoting the community projects undertaken by their children’s school
  • informing the wider community of the benefits Independent schools offer
  • responding to media articles and opinions through letters to the editor and online comments
  • participating in talkback radio discussions dealing with schooling issues
  • writing or speaking with local Members of Parliament (MP).


Here are five messages for MPs, candidates and all who care about education and Australia’s future:

  1. Australia needs more government money invested in education for all students.
  2. Parents choosing non-government schools add to Australia’s public investment in education.
  3. Parents who send their children to Independent schools are saving taxpayer dollars – funds which are available for all government schools.
  4. Government support for Independent schools is money well spent – Independent schools are an efficient use of public funds.
  5. Government funding for Independent school students promotes choice, balance and quality.