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Fighting the ‘Don’t You Look Pretty’ Syndrome

The New Puberty, by Amanda Dunn, explores how children are going through puberty earlier than ever before. In this extract, she looks at how...

/ 11 August 2017
Two little kids cooking

Changing Children’s Minds and Brains

In the first of a three-part series, Diane Bourke explains how you can help your child learn using the Feuerstein approach.

/ 11 August 2017
Photo of author Grace Halphen

Letter to My Teenage Self

Grace Halphen, 16, is the star attraction at a sold-out Melbourne Writers' Festival event later this month. Here we repost our interview from last...

/ 11 August 2017
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Best of the Web: Supporting Mums of Teenagers, Taking Away Toys and Tackling Misbehaving Parents

Mums Of Teens Can Benefit From Social Support, Just Like New Mums (Juli Fraga, npr) In the early years of raising children, new mothers’...

/ 11 August 2017
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Subscribe to The Parents’ Website

The Parents’ Website of Independent Schools Victoria aims to provide relevant, up-to-date information for the parents of more than 140,000 students in over 200...

/ 10 August 2017
Blue and white artwork showing hundreds of items pouring out of top of screen

Best of the Web: Breaking Through With Autism, Outsourcing Parenting, and Tracking Students by Phone

Our selection of thought-provoking and useful articles from around the web on educating and raising children.

Looking down on female student studding on floor of library with book and laptop

How to Study and Increase Your Marks

As the exam season approaches, we repost Andrew Fuller's excellent tips on the best ways to study.

Eating Disorders Word Clou

Advice for Parents to Discuss and Identify Eating Disorders

Controversial Netflix drama To the Bone has brought eating disorders into the spotlight, but a Deakin University clinical psychologist recommends parents should take the...

student artwork of three worlds

Student Creativity Proves the Power of the Arts in Education

Our Annual Student Art Exhibition returns with more than 100 art works from students in 14 Member Schools. There's s no better proof of...