Carton of surprised girls against red background holding pink smartphone

ATAR Surprises: What Should You Do?

What happens if an ATAR is less or more than expected? Careers expert Helen Green - and mother of a VCE student - offers...

/ 7 December 2018
Cut out of boy reading under brown tree with light bulbs against a blue background, sitting on brown floorboards

Children’s Books: the Best of 2018

Speech Pathology Australia has announced the winners of its 2018 Children's Book of the Year Awards.

/ 7 December 2018
Boy looking at painting - Art Smarts: Tips for Connecting Kids to the World of Art

Art Smarts Part 2: Helping Kids Engage with Art

What's the best way parents interact with their children when viewing art? In the second and final article in her series, Diane Bourke says...

/ 7 December 2018
Girl hugging mother

How to Help Children Deal with Stress and Anxiety

Clinical psychologist Faye Evans offers some practical advice for parents in helping their child deal with stressful situations.

/ 7 December 2018
Best of the web: blue and white illustration shows technology icons coming out of a computer screen

Best of the Web: Encouraging Kids to Write, Why ATAR Matters, Kids Books Go Political, and Our Young Concerned about Mental Health

Our selection of thought-provoking and useful articles from around the web on educating and raising children.

/ 7 December 2018
Children climbing playground equipment

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/ 6 December 2018
The Power of Routine | Image of mother reading a bedtime story to her young daughter

The Power of Routine: How to End the End-of-Day Frenzy

A predictable structure can help families gain quality time and reduce the end-of-day frenzy, writes Heather Miller.

/ 23 November 2018
The one thing that will define your life | Image of faceless drones walking and using mobile phones

The One Thing that will Define your Life

Louka Parry has a personal mantra: control your tech, or it will control you.

/ 23 November 2018
My Little Human | Image of small child running

My Tiny Human: Five Things my Toddler has Taught Me

As her toddler approaches his second birthday, our parenting blogger Natalie Moutafis reflects on what has changed, and what her son has taught her.

/ 23 November 2018