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A Chance to End the School Funding War

In response to the debate over the Federal Government's proposed school funding model, Independent School Victoria's Chief Executive Michelle Green sent this letter to...

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The Parents’ Website of Independent Schools Victoria aims to provide relevant, up-to-date information for the parents of the more than 132,000 students in over...

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Best of the Web

The problem of body dissatisfaction among boys, why music is good for children's brains, and the end of digital natives – our selection of...

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Thank You for Supporting the Arts Learning Festival

The support of the whole community made the Arts Learning Festival such a success.

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Australian Students getting Positive Results

Australia is among a small group of nations where positive attitudes towards school are linked to student success. What's going on?

Young Voice, Big Ideas

A former Newhaven College student has begun a journey that has already included addressing an event on nuclear disarmament at the United Nations.

Blue and white artwork showing hundreds of items pouring out of top of screen

Best of the Web

A University of Melbourne expert on why adolescents shouldn't drink, the book behind Boss Baby, and why it's okay for young children to have...

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Dark Social – What Parents Need to Know

Julie Inman Grant, Children's eSafety Commissioner, explains the world of 'hidden' social media messaging and its implications for children.

Plan Your Day at the Arts Learning Festival

With less than two weeks to go before our Arts Learning Festival, families can start planning their free, fun activities during the festival weekend....