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Best of the Web

The Case for Girls' Schools, What Teens Need Most from Their Parents, and Why Kids Need to be Bored. A selection of thought-provoking and...

/ 19 August 2016
Empty classroom with desks and blackboard.

Getting School Refusers Back to School

A ground-breaking intervention program is working with families and schools to get children learning again.

/ 19 August 2016
Male using laptop computer

Online Abusive Behaviour against Girls Requires Community Response

Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) Chief Executive, Michelle Green, says that a predatory internet site exposes the need for a community-wide response to abusive attitudes...

/ 17 August 2016
Young person's desk with computer

Pornography: the Discussion Parents Need to have with their Children

Open, honest conversations with young people are the key to dealing with an emerging public health crisis, says expert Hugh Martin.

/ 15 August 2016
Three students walking in playground

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The new-look Parents’ Website of Independent Schools Victoria has been up and running now for several months, and we have been gratified by the...

Three people looking at painting of woman

Creating Creativity

Ahead of the Arts Learning Festival in May 2017, Our Annual Student Art Exhibition Opens

Groups of students from Carey

The Meaning of Courage

The Parents’ Website aims to share the best from Independent school communities. Here, Philip Grutzner, Principal of Carey Baptist Grammar School, writes about courage...

Blue and white artwork showing hundreds of items pouring out of top of screen

Best of the Web

A selection of thought-provoking and useful articles from around the web on educating and raising children.

Crowds of people at Swinburne University open day

How to Help Your Child Make the Most of Uni Open Days

Tips for parents of teenagers approaching the final years of school.